Essay about Ptsd and Alcoholism

Proposal: Qualitative Exploration

The Impacts of PTSD and Alcohol dependency and Therapies among Gulf War Experienced

GRAD 716

Sullivan University or college

Brent Casey

January twenty-one, 2011

The Impacts of PTSD and Alcoholism and Treatment Options among Gulf Battle Veterans


The objective of this newspaper is to look into and assess the resided experiences of Gulf War veterans who also are in treatment or recovering from Ptsd (PTSD) and alcoholism. Around 697, 1000 U. S i9000. veterans dished up in the Local Gulf Battle, and more than 263, 500 have seeing that sought medical care at the Section of Veterans Affairs (National Gulf Conflict Resource Centre, Inc.,*, 2002). Over 185, 000 Gulf Conflict veterans possess filed claims with the Experts Administration for service-related medical disabilities, which include significant physical and internal distress that they attribute with their participation inside the operation. Probably the most unusual consequence of serving in the Persian Gulf is Gulf War Condition. According to Hendrix & Anelli (1993) a greater understanding of the long lasting effects of battle service in veterans and their families is needed due to U. S. pushes recently providing in inhospitable environments. As with most combat experiences, there are several psychological troubles related to engagement in the Gulf of mexico War. Based on the Veterans Operations va. gov website, frustrated mood, anxiety, and related psychological symptoms (e. g., sleep issues, concentration problems) are quite common among GW veterans, and deployed GW veterans have an overabundance symptoms of despression symptoms, anxiety, and alcohol abuse than non-deployed GW veterans (Iowa Persian Gulf Study Group, 1997).

Problem Statement

This study proposes to examine and examine the impacts of PTSD and dependency on alcohol among Gulf War veterans recovering from these types of comorbidities. The investigation additionally offers to investigate and study therapies which may be helpful to Gulf War veterans.

Overview of the Literary works


PTSD is described as " veterans who meet up with DSM-IV standards for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) generally experience comorbid depression, alcoholic beverages use, and poor health (Yarvis & Scheiss, 2008, l. 395). In respect to Yarvis & Scheiss (2008), PTSD symptoms will be associated with (1) physical medical problems (Beckham ou al., 1989; Engel, Liu, McCarthy, Miller, & Ursano, 2000; Kimerling, Clum, Wolfe, 2000; Wagner et 's., 2000; Zatick, Marmur, & Weiss, 1997); (2) mental impairment; (3) pain and pain-related impairment (Beckham et al., 1997); (4) poor functional effects (Kimerling ainsi que al., 2150; Wagner ainsi que al., 2000); and (5) increased health care consumption (Marshell, Jorm, & Grayson, 1998); and is connected with increased drinking (Brown & Wolfe, 1994; Grice, Brady, & Dustan, 1995; Zlotnick, Warshew, & Shea, 1999). Southwick, Gilmartin, McDonough & Morrissey, (2006) expanded these by adding that numerous veterans with PTSD live with profound concerns about this is of a lifestyle dominated by suffering, sense of guilt, and loss of life and obvious effects on all areas of psychosocial performing as well as available discussion about struggles with existentialism. (Steindl, Young, Other additives & Crompton, 2003, l. 27) be aware " the coexistence of alcohol improper use with combat-related PTSD is usually well established (Stewart, 1996). Addiction to alcohol

Flavin & Morse (1991) define dependency on alcohol as " a primary, persistent disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors affecting its creation and manifestations. The disease is normally progressive and fatal. It can be characterized by constant or regular impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the medicine alcohol, utilization of alcohol inspite of adverse outcomes, and effects in considering, most notably refusal (Morse & Flavin in submission 1991)”. Southwick, Gilmartin, McDonough...

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