Essay about precast

Precast Concrete Buildings

Pre-Cast Concrete Factors in

Structure - Rising Scenario

in India

Pre-cast construction is usually gaining value in Indian

scenario in general and Cities in particular. Precast construction can be broadly grouped in to three categories.

-- Project Specific Pre-Cast

- General Pre-Cast for Sector Specific

-- Precast to get Non Strength Elements

While the first and last types are very much prevalent

in India for quite a while. The Initial Category can be gaining

more popularity with the rapid metropolitan infrastructure progress in India. The Low Structure Category is extensively present but still to attract Significant organized players. General Pre-Cast which is Sector Specific Just like Buildings, Power Distribution, Hydrant etc ., can be bought scattered in India. Again this Category requires involvement of major players.

Though benefits of Pre-Cast are accepted by every stake

Holder, mt4 limited as the industry failed to attain the size it should be in. The Take note presents example pertaining to Building Precast category, by talking about various elements that can make the total MSB completely pre-cast. Also supplies case study or example plant life set up in Hyderabad

city of India.


Cast In Place (CIP) VS . Pre – Solid

The current practice in India is the PLAYERS IN PLACE (CIP)

Reinforced Concrete Structures. The other construction method is applying structural steel. In general many commercial and

residential buildings are of CIP in mother nature. Steel set ups are normally limited to Industrial Building and sparsely

Commercial Complexes. The proportion between Solid In Place

(CIP) and metallic structures is around 70: 35. The third building is applying Precast Cement which is generally

limited to Connections and Train Sleepers and other non strength elements.

Complications faced in CIP Buildings

a) Questions of safety: The biggest trouble faced during construction

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is failing of scaffolding. More conceptually stable scaffoldings are cost prohibitive for common commercial set ups.

(Pic. Of Collapse of Buildings by Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

as published in News Documents is placed under. )

Concrete Placement employing conventional systems in

uncontrollable weather conditions.

Encouragement Placement in higher altitudes.

Quality of finishes very dependent on functioning conditions

and form of support structures.

The current structural program used is a rigid body with

infill masonry wall space. This system is incredibly inefficient inside the resistance of lateral charge like the planet quakes etc . Lot of Redundancy in set ups.

Even sophisticated techniques just like tunnel forms with

9hrs cycle time take 8 months to get 19 storied building.

For what reason Pre-Cast Structure?

Precast concrete floor offers answer to all of the problems and

challenges faced by simply Cast in position Concrete (CIP).

The following are the main advantages:

a) Rapid Hard-on: Rapid Velocity of Hard-on & Fast Construction leading to earlier occupancy and lowered financing costs.

Eg. 19 Storied Building can be designed in 3 months period.

b) The good quality assurance: Materials, Skillfullness and Finishes.

No flow loss in Quality. Higher specialization in trades resulting in higher quality in workmanship.

c) Longer ranges are likely with Precasting and Prestressing. d) Easy Construction because of total Pre – Anatomist.

e) Aesthetics: Both Strength and Executive finishes happen to be possible. Executive finishes could possibly be achieved acid solution

itching, sand blasting or brick veneer or any other finish because specified by Customer/Architect.

f) No kind working is needed at the job site. Limited space intended for Construction and minimum volume of workers at site

g) The floor height can be decreased by eliminating the beams and shallow absolute depths of slabs.

h) Zero prolonged using heavy machinery at web page.

i) Not any intensive work at site for...