[Review] Stephen King’s IT- Nightmare in reality

September 11, 2017
Stephen King's IT Review


Director – Andy Muschietti
Cast – Jaeden Leiberher, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer, Bill Skarsgard
Rating – 4/5

Stephen King’s It Review

More often than not a horror movie is based on the lines of exorcism or taking the help of religion to scare the ghost away. Stephen King’s IT is not that. This is much more than a horror film, it’s a coming of age film for the kids in the movie and they face their fears right in the eye. You get pulled into gore scenes unexpectedly and you have to deal with it. Each time Pennywise, the dancing clown comes on screen you expect someone to die. But it’s not the scenes with the clown that scares you. Scenes, where the kids face their fears, are scarier.

If you are someone who follows each and everything in a movie, you will notice that people who see the clown show on TV are either possessed or a death is nearing them. You will also notice that Chapter 2 storyline has already been given to you, they expect you to be prepared. And prepared we are!


If you are the one who read the 1300 page book before watching the movie, like any other book adaptation, you might be disappointed. Character development isn’t shown much. Signs of Beverly’s sexual abuse is shown but it isn’t discussed in the movie, you have to guess that part. Ben’s jealousy is not shown as much either.

Every time Bill Skarsgård comes on screen, you will feel a chill down your spine, and it’s not a good feeling at all. Finn Wolfhard is just reprising his role from Stranger Things. Sophia Lillis does justice to her role. Worthy of an Oscar this year.

You’ll float too.

Here is the Official Teaser Trailer.


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