Why is Product Hunt So Popular For Startup Launches?

September 30, 2017

If you are unfamiliar with Product Hunt, you must be living under a rock. Product Hunt is the go-to place for everyone who is interested in finding new products/startups. It’s one of the best startup/product curation site in recent times.

Product Hunt was started by Ryan Hoover, who is in my opinion, one of the best community builders I have ever seen. It is a well-moderated community with the upvote feature, which gives the community the freedom to decide if a product is good enough to be discovered or not.

Power of Product Hunt

Why is Product Hunt So Popular For Startup Launches?

Remember this app?

The Yo! app was a simple app that would send a Yo! to someone in your contact list who had the app as well. That’s it. It’s that simple. Yo! app appeared on Product Hunt in 2014 and instantly became a runaway success. It got an unimaginable amount of coverage on social media and became viral soon. Many people called it a waste of time, some people called it the best app in the market.

So what is the secret behind launching on Product Hunt?

A good Hunter

Find someone on product hunt who is a good hunter. Hunter privileges are hard to come by and people with good features are even rare. How does a good hunter help you? Well a good hunter will have a good following, when ever he hunts something, his followers get to know, most of them end up upvoting your product. The next question on your mind would be how do you find a good hunter? Well I have you covered.

product-hunt- 500-hunters

500hunters is a good place to find the top hunters on Product Hunt. You can personally tweet and connect to them using their handle which is given. Alternatively you can always mail them your request.

Social Media


Considering you have been hunted, what are the next steps you need to take the make sure you go viral? Create the buzz on your social handles! The first thing people do after seeing a product on Product Hunt is go to your social handles and if they see that nothing is happening over there, they won’t be interested in using your product. After all a dead social media handle means a dead customer support as well. One week prior to going live on product hunt be sure that you are active on Facebook and Twitter at least. Interact with your followers and tell them you care! Create the hype to accelerate your growth.

Get upvotes


Getting a good hunter to hunt your product is 50% of the work done. You need upvotes to really win the race!

So, how to upvotes work?

Products with more votes will start trending and come up on the product hunt page. Simple.

Once you get a decent amount of upvotes, your rate of upvotes increases. Basic human psychology, FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) makes you upvote and check out the product.

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