Ember The Calabash Review

October 20, 2017
Ember The Calabash

Ember The Calabash

New BEL Road is the place to be these days for all pubs and food joints. Ember is a newly opened Hookah Bar adjacent to 1522, and it’s over Vinny’s on the 2nd floor.


The place looks nice with simple decor and comfortable seating.
Rooftop seating is something, everyone reading this blog will look forward to in ambience. It is lit up with vintage bulbs and small led strip lights. Benches are made up of polished wood, and they are comfortable enough to sit for 1-2 hours. There is a projector screen which makes this place perfect for watching live matches.

Ember The Calabash


Food is decent here. Don’t expect it to be over the top, but it won’t let you down. We had the pasta and vanilla milkshake over here which was good. They serve excellent quantity to fill up your stomach.

Ember The Calabash


Hookah at Ember The Calabash is well priced. They sell a variety of mixes and unique flavors for an introductory price of 450. We got the Triple Paan flavor with Ice base which was not included in the average hookah price. They offer different bases like Ice, Milk and Red Bull. They have every possible flavor under the sun to provide you with. The pricing is spot on, and the quality of Hookah is also good. But this wasn’t the best hookah that I have had, that title remains with Blow on Church Street.

Ember The Calabash


Pricing at Ember The Calabash is not very expensive. Hookah prices are well priced. For the costs and things they have on offer, Ember The Calabash is bang for the buck.

Last Word

Ember The Calabash is a newly opened place on New BEL Road, and so far they have been good to start with. Moving on I hope they improve their service which is good. This is a good hangout place for College students and people who want to talk and while their time away at a good place with good food.

Food- 3/5
Ambience- 4/5
Service- 3/5
Price- 4/5
Overall- 3.5/5

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