Amazon Echo In India! Amazon Echo Dot Review

November 3, 2017
Amazon Echo Dot Review

I was pretty excited for the Amazon Echo to release in India. The moment I saw it on the pre-order list on Amazon, I just went for it. I pre-ordered an Amazon Echo Dot since I already have a Bose Soundlink I thought of not ordering Amazon Echo Plus.

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Travel Smart with Smart App

October 26, 2017
Travel Smart with Smart App

Train journeys are a great way to explore the myriad of interesting stories of Incredible India. However, due to the heavy rush, train journeys are often a challenging proposition. Nonetheless, such journeys can be made smooth and delightful if you use the right approach. Continue Reading…


Best movies of all times

September 21, 2017
best movies of all time

I’ll be honest, I’m a movie buff and I love spending my time watching movies! I do not discriminate between a blockbuster or a flop, I watch all the movies with the same vigour and passion. Because I believe each movie is made to tell a story, just that the storyteller might have been bad doesn’t mean the story was bad!

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[Review] Chats in Mangalore-Bombay Baadshah

September 7, 2017

I’m a Mangalorean by birth and I love the food that you get in Mangalore. My Childhood days were spent in Ideals Cafe and Woodlands. Chats was not a big option back then when you decided to go out to eat or it wasn’t the choice of evening munchies.

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Uber Business Model

August 22, 2017

A lot of people have been asking me to explain business models of different startups, so I thought of doing a series on the same. And what better startup to start with than Uber?
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